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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Liebster and a cruise

Hello all.

Been a bit slack recently sorry due to bashing away at getting all the stuff you always leave to the last minute prior to a holiday to get ready. That and the missus managed to bust her big toe last night (doh!) and the cruise is tomorrow. But I must say I think she didn't enjoy the pun-ishing amount of toetally awesome toe puns... as did the doctor.

Anyway I thought I'd quickly chuck up a post and say farewell for 11 days and I do promise I'll get some more images of work up when back.

Now onto the Liebster.

I've just been nominated for the Liebster award by Rex over at his awesome and highly informative blog The Dice Odyssey and figured I should do my part and bash up a few of the blogs I've been hitting up after recently going head over heels in fantasy.

Terrain for Hippos. I would imagine this bloke has a fiar whack of followers but I thought I'd pop it up anyway. This blog is absolutely fantastic for terrain that is both looks amazing and is relatively easy/affordable to do, so by all means jump on there and have a look.

The Hoodling's Hole.Greg over at Hoodling's Hole has done an awesome job on his blog and if your into such things I would highly suggest having a read through the battle for Hell Fenn, it is fantastic and inspired me to some day attempt a crack at something similar. Also look forward to meeting greg in person soon as he is the pres of a local games club

The Marienburg Gazette. Not only a fantasy blog, but also well into 40k. After having a read through, Davey that runs the blog has some of the excellent ideas in regards to conversions and proxy armies (I'm espcially excited to see his Zoat/'nid army come to fruition) that will get any ones hobby zeal back into action.

The Ubersreik Town Cryer. Would seem this blog hasn't been updated in a little bit, but I suggest anyone looking into running a slightly more 'official' campaign to look into it! The fella that runs it has access to an amazing resource that GW released a while ago called the Generals Compendium, which had the excellent Border Princes campaign. The bloke that rights the blog has written more 8th friendly rules for it and it is well worth the read!

Alas I realise it needs to be 11 other blogs, but I haven't gotten around to following an amazingly large amount yet and a fair whack of them have well over 200 followers, so many apologies there.

It would also seem that I need to bash out some answers to the questions for the Liebster so I'll get them sorted.

Why did you start blogging?
To log what I do and to allow people to see some of my conversions and ideas.

If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby, what would it be? 
Cheese and neck-beards. Or more the mindset and self fulfilling prophecy style set up that seems to occur with us wargamers and our anti-social ways.

What is best in life? 
Life in general. I realise that sounds a little big cliché-sih, but I do enjoy life in general, whether it is catching up with friends, playing with the mutt, or being super creepy and people watching while grabbing a coffee in a shopping centre.

Do you want to live forever?
Depends if I could have any effect on the human races destiny and move it in the right direction. If I couldn't well we've all seen Highlander and according to old mate Freddy Mercury 'Who wants to live forever?'.

Fame or fortune?
Fortune. With a fortune you can buy fame or infamy if you so desire. But bugger being poor and (in)famous.

What miniature are you most proud of having painted? 
Thus far probably my 40k Imperial Minotaur. It is a large artillery tank and I chucked a fair whack of work into it, I'll try to get a pic up soon of it.

How do you deal with burn out? 
Move away from doing core/troops or change genre entirely. That and generally I don't burn out as goddamn do I enjoy the modelling aspect and I will do that (with the TV on) instead of vegging out. Feels like I havn't 'wasted' my time watching tele.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
I have NFI what this is on about

Star Wars or Star Trek? 
Always been a Star Wars dude since I was a kid, but given the Pre-Saga, and depending on what Disney does with the franchise, I may jump ship.

If you could only buy from one miniature company from now on, which one would it be? 
I'd have to say forgeworld. I realise they're part of GW, but dear god, everything about FW is better, the rules, the fluff, the breath taking models.

What is your favorite take out?
Asian takeaway of some description, generally like the variety in a noodle box, or a curry laksa...yuuuurm!!

Well I hope I've filled my responsibilities for the Liebster.

I'm taking a drawing pad with me on the cruise as well as a large variety of *ahem* backed up black library fantasy background stuff, so holiday or no, I'll still be hobbying in some way.

Until then, peace out y'all...

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