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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

In your heeeaadd.....

So I thought I'd throw up some pictures of my Core conversions.

First up just a quick pic of a dire wolf.

The wolf is in no way finished yet, just trying to work up/out the colours that I want it. 

I loathe the current GW Dire Wolves with an unhealthy passion and during my internet travels I found a blog by Rob Hawkins and his awesome conversions which I've tried to emulate in the above. Currently have 8 of the converted Chaos Hounds, as well as 2 converted Fenrisian Wolves... I also have some thunderwolf cav on the way to make some Doom Wolves, with more Chaos minis inbound for conversion. 

Next up is zombies, those filthy 3 point models that get up at 2D6 + Level a casting...which is a hideous amount. 

To make matters worse, guess what, I loathe those GW models also (which are now ancient). Being a modeller first and a cheese monger second I knew I needed zombies, but how to make them look good?

So after getting a mish mash of Empire, Bretonian, and OK parts I started to cobble together some zombies.

 The fair majority of the parts come from the Corpse Cart's zombies and pile of corpses. These have just really been mixed up with Empire and Bretonian bodies/heads/legs/arms, with the use of some VC zombie legs and bodies (which aren't too bad if used correctly). I give you the below. 

All the brains.

 I realise there is only 4 there in that pick as well as the ogre but rest assured I have 30 odd of them made to varying standards, with another 12 odd made up in unit fillers (Ogres, zombie horse, the ubiquitous grave stones and them coming out of the ground). I realise this is no where near enough, but, it is a start and I haven't had to suffer those god awful GW models...

Better pic showing the ogre.

So there is some pics of my growing core, I'll get some pictures of the skeletons all ranked up soon (have about 35 of them built and painted, just need basing).

Until next time...

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