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Tuesday, 6 May 2014


So, first post on a fantasy blog. Bring it on I say.
I’ve recently gotten my group to convert to fantasy after many years of 40k. We’ve gotten a little burnt out and disgusted with the way it is currently going and opted to jump into the ‘classic’ that is fantasy.

If you haven’t guessed by the title, or rocking Blood Dragon in the back ground, I’ve opted to go for Vampire Counts, as I love the look of the skeletons and at one time started an Undead Mordhiem warband.

After letting myself go and really getting on the F-Train I must say I’m loving it (Hmm, sounds like I just got really fat, but I digress). While the lore behind all of it is a little bit more generic than 40k, it is still rich and different enough from other sorts of high fantasy settings.

The lore behind the VC’s isn’t too bad at all and not overly generic, the only thing that makes me shiver is ‘Slyvania’, good one there GW, but compared to other races, it’s hokey-ness is pretty low key.

Anyway, after looking into VC I started buying bibs and bobs, Also managed to snag 11 Blood Knights for stupid cheap…seeing them and BANG!, I was sold, I had to go a Blood Dragon army. How can one not like the children of Walach Harkon, favoured student of the esteemed Abhorash. Then upon looking more and more into the Army book, the Vampiric units, while maybe not as good as other units in the book *Cough* Terrorghiest *Cough* they were beyond cool and could march outside of the generals radius and not suffer from General’s death crumble.

As to fluff, I’ve manage to source some of the older books and had a look through their fluff, I must say it was a lot more rich and much less ‘Monstrous dudes, no feelings, have utter contempt for life, grim dark in fantasy etc’. Like if you even have a look through the 7th ed book, has a spiel about the Red Duke, being all knightly and what not, a guy called the Black Prince that looked after his little fiefdom and paid bards to sing about how good looking  he was (heads up, he wasn’t) and how he was pretty much a generally all round good guy etc.

The Black Prince....
 Not to mention all the assorted cool shit that was available in the 6th ed book, you could have a Blood Dragon Army with skeleton bowman!! 6th ed book also had an amazing 2 page story about a young Brettonian scrub that tries to duke it out with a Blood Dragon… *spoiler alert* the scrub gets his arse beat, but the good old Blood Dragon doesn't kill him, let's him go and pretty much says 'come back when you can walk the walk kid'. BAD ARSE! Where as with the current wad of lore it would be, 'Yeah the Blood Dragon killed the scrub, in a cruel way, while cackling, then proceeded to find his family, murder them all and for good measure, burn down an orphanage..' .

Anyway I could go on and on about this as I’m a big fan of the lore and modelling side so I will leave it here and will attempt to get some pictures, lists, and friend descriptions up in the coming days.


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