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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Punching along...

Hey all!

Just 2 days away from the tournament and I'm so close to finishing the army it hurts..

Just need to finish 2 necromancers (they have base colours blocked on) and 3 banners. I've also whipped up a display board over the last couple of nights.

Also finally finished Balaur as in, as you can see above, he now has his shield attached and is for all intents and purposes finished!! (apologies for the quality of the pic)

Next up I have my first attempt at a fee hand banner. This one will be in the Skeleton command, I thought it fitting for the unit Balaur is in to have a decent banner.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


So being a blog predominantly about old mate vamps and their undeath, the heralding of the approaching 'Legions of Undeath' aswell as the Undeath magic lore are a bit of a worry I must say..

From the small amounts of info gleaned it looks like law of undeath allows people to summon undead units, which is fine and cool. The only issue is though, that apparently any race has access to it. So sort of kills some of the uniqueness to VC which is a shame (if true).

They're also releasing Mortarchs or something to that effect, which Consist of, Arkhan the Black, Neferata The vampire queen (not to be confused with Marceline), and old mate Manfred.

Seems also that Nagash has sat the vamps and tomb kings down, slapped them around a little and said play nice, so now they're one big undead happy family.

This has some positives and negatives.

I'd love to have some skeleton archers and a catapult in my army.

Negatives if if GW goes and combines them either into thier own Armybook (I doubt) we'll loose a shit tonne of flavour.

If GW opts to add them into a 'Undead Legions' armybook, I have a feeling it will out class both armies at their own game, which is a bit of a worry.

Anyway I shall link you to a blog with many pictures...

Nagash and Undead Legion pics.

I must say Nagash is cool and all, but similar to both 40k and fantasy of 'need more skulls for grimdark' they've just went 'needs more skeletal bits cos undead..' which is a bit naff in my opinion but hey, he looks better than the old model I suppose......

Monday, 18 August 2014

Progress...of sorts...

So just a little update as to how I'm traveling with my dead lines, I'm up to the last leg of the race and god willing I should make it. I still have 2 weeks until the dead line so I'm almost there.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you this:

Complete 15 wolves (DONE!!)
5 Zombies + 15x Zombie Base(DONE!!)
1st Aug
5 Blood Knights (4 Blood Knights and the Vargryph)
5 Zombies + 15x Zombie Base (just need to finish the 15x Base)
5 Varghiests (3 made and undercoated)
3 Characters

So Currently it is looking like this:
Complete 15 wolves (DONE!!)
5 Zombies + 15x Zombie Base(DONE!!)
1st Aug
5 Blood Knights (4 Blood Knights and the Vargryph) (Done*)
5 Zombies + 15x Zombie Base (just need to finish the 15x Base)
5 Varghiests (3 made and undercoated) (Done*)
3 Characters

*Needs finishing touches eg, matt varnish and blood splatter.

So this leaves me with a glorious :
2 Necromancers
 5 Skeles (got some cursed company that I want to mix in),
3 zombies + Corpse pile (for the 15x Zombie base)
and to paint 4 banners (2 zombie banners, 1 Skele Banner and 1 Blood Knight banner).

When they're done its all done. I reckon I can have the zombies and skeles sorted by the weeks end, then its a matter of going to town on the banners and basing everything in one giant batch *gulp*.

Will get some pics of the varghiests up soon, I've done, well what I think, is an interesting conversion on 2 of them to make them a little less bestial and a little more...cunning...

Until next time...

Monday, 11 August 2014

Bloody Blood Knights..

So finally have the Blood Knights at say, 95% finished (need shields, weapons, blood and basing).

While I must say it is these models that made me go VC and I would rate them as my favourite models produced by GW and I reckon would be the best looking Cav models available. 

While there are so many good things, there are down sides. 
1. I have the metal ones so they are heavy as sin
2.Lances where too large and shonky looking
3. The disparity of the heads, some look really good (The ones you get 1 per pack) some look a bit lack lustre (the non winged ones, that you get a couple per pack).
4.Horse diversity, there is 5 models in the pack and 2 horses look almost like exact doubles.

Anway aside from those issues I love the models.

Also with my Blood Knights I opted to give them each a little back story to help fill in on their conversions.

First up we have this fellow.
This is Temur Unegen, a Kislevite hunter/tracker that gave a good account of himself when attempting to kill Balaur in the Kislevite region.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Progress!!.... The Lord walks!

So all loyal readers....

As promised finally some pictures of the Blood Dragons that are within my army.

As a whole they still need complete finishing (basing, blood, shields and lances)but they are pretty much done and I'm pretty wrapped with them.

First I'll throw up the head honcho, Lord Balaur himself.

Friday, 1 August 2014

A cold blooded account...

Hey all.

Still cracking along with the Blood Dragons and should have them finished in the next couple of days (Life and GF permitting ;) ).

Anyway I'll get the quick fluff-report up, again no pictures so apologies for that guys, but please CC the hell out of me if you see any issues and what not with it.


Locuitor Din Bezna looked across the field at the cold-blooded Lizardmen facing him down. He had been assigned by Lord Balaur, his sire and master, to safe guard the two necromancers that where currently in the Skeleton Regiment with him.