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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Liebster and a cruise

Hello all.

Been a bit slack recently sorry due to bashing away at getting all the stuff you always leave to the last minute prior to a holiday to get ready. That and the missus managed to bust her big toe last night (doh!) and the cruise is tomorrow. But I must say I think she didn't enjoy the pun-ishing amount of toetally awesome toe puns... as did the doctor.

Anyway I thought I'd quickly chuck up a post and say farewell for 11 days and I do promise I'll get some more images of work up when back.

Now onto the Liebster.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


That pretty much sums it up.

So I'll back track a bit. Was informed the other day of a tournament coming up in a place called Geelong, where both myself and friends have attended the last 2 years to play a 40k tournament. It's great as it's a little bit away from home (2 hour drive) so it sort of forces a boys weekend on us which is fantastic.

The only difference is this is a different event and for Fantasy, which is awesome! But the possibility of the group gathering 2000pts each in 3months in slim at best.

We had organised for a small 'in-house' tournament for all of us halfway through July at 1200pts, which should of been easily attainable.

Now I doubt I'll have any issues mustering the models (as the 1200pts is almost complete) but my friends, well that's another issue entirely.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Vargheist...the most ghostly of the Vars...

So Vargheists. 

I think the models are great, except for the 'Bart-mill' sculpt.
Going to punch the air like this...

So naturally I had to convert up the little cherubs as I'm all for the Simpsons and their excellent references, but I'm more than happy to keep them out of my grim-dark fantasy setting.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Skeletons in your closet, Itchin' to come outside....

So I managed to squeeze out a relatively productive weekend which I was happy with. I managed to finish off and base (and movement tray) my unit of skeletons, I have 38 worth of skeletons built, so allows some wiggle room for Master of the Dead in my 1200 pt list.

I started off making the skeletons in a phalanx, but after reading up on rules it would seem having the 6+ Parry is far better than an extra rank of still shitty attacks. Here is how the fist 20 Skeletons looked.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

In your heeeaadd.....

So I thought I'd throw up some pictures of my Core conversions.

First up just a quick pic of a dire wolf.

Monday, 12 May 2014

List of the Dead..

So after a bumper weekend of painting I have a fair amount of my models painted.

I'll quickly jot down my current list with either a (U) Under-coated, (P) Painted or (B) Based and completely done, next to each.

Master Necro w/ (U)
Master of the Dead
Lvl 4 Vamps

Necromancer w/ (U)
Ironcurse Icon
Lvl 1 Vamps

Vampire w/ (U)
Heavy Armour
Flying horror
Book of Arkhan
Enchanted Shield
Sword of Striking
Lvl 1 Shadow

5x Direwolves (U)
5x Direwolves(U)
21 x Skeletons w/ (B)
Full Command
Banner of swiftness

20 Zombies w/ (P)
Muso, Standard

3x Vargheists (U)

4x Blood Knights w/ (U)
SB and Flag of Blood Keep

So I'm quite chuffed that I've got my army built and under coated. Most of the models in the army have been touched by greenstuff and the knife, I will quickly pop down what's been done with some pics in the next post.

Have a good one

Friday, 9 May 2014

Lighting the Darkness

Hey All.

Little hobby update.

So I've started trying out colour schemes for my Blood Knights that I want to get a pic up for, (and I shall), but I got a delivery in the mail last night, a Foldio.

 For those that don't know, they are essentially a little light box, that can fold up. They have one or tow LED strips that run off of a 9v battery. I saw one on another blog recently and opted to buy one, so here are a few quick pics to show the results.

So I'm quite pleased with how the single lighting bar works (only had the one 9v battery).

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Meet the crew....

So a quick introduction to the group that I will be duking it out in the old world with.

Cles: my current housemate. Back (or forward?) in 40k he ran a few armies, including orks, lots of them, Imperial guard and good old Dark angels. He has opted (after a brief stint with Beastmen) to take control of the cold-blooded Lizardmen from Lustria. So far seems to be learning pretty well and loves using the Bastilidon, that now within the group is referred to as the Broke-stilidon.

Griggling . After possible thoughts of going Bretonnia, he opted for the Dwarfs (godamnit GW) after getting wind that a new Army Book would be inbound. Evidently he was comfortable to continue to use the same tactics as his 40k’s Tau gun line ;). Has a very shooty army, which generally involves you getting shot at, a lot, for a few turns until you hit his rock hard Dwarven warriors, or quarrelers.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


So, first post on a fantasy blog. Bring it on I say.
I’ve recently gotten my group to convert to fantasy after many years of 40k. We’ve gotten a little burnt out and disgusted with the way it is currently going and opted to jump into the ‘classic’ that is fantasy.

If you haven’t guessed by the title, or rocking Blood Dragon in the back ground, I’ve opted to go for Vampire Counts, as I love the look of the skeletons and at one time started an Undead Mordhiem warband.

After letting myself go and really getting on the F-Train I must say I’m loving it (Hmm, sounds like I just got really fat, but I digress). While the lore behind all of it is a little bit more generic than 40k, it is still rich and different enough from other sorts of high fantasy settings.