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Monday, 19 May 2014

Skeletons in your closet, Itchin' to come outside....

So I managed to squeeze out a relatively productive weekend which I was happy with. I managed to finish off and base (and movement tray) my unit of skeletons, I have 38 worth of skeletons built, so allows some wiggle room for Master of the Dead in my 1200 pt list.

I started off making the skeletons in a phalanx, but after reading up on rules it would seem having the 6+ Parry is far better than an extra rank of still shitty attacks. Here is how the fist 20 Skeletons looked.

While I loved the look of this, the ugly cheese monger came to the fore. So I opted to run hand weapons on my Skeletons. But instead of redoing them, I just build the next 18 (14 and one 40mm base with a horse) with a variety of hand weapons and spears and coloured the predominately red instead of the purple as I wanted the skeletons to be a bit ad-hoc looking.

I just have the Baby Vamp and Baby Necro in there to see how placement went (also the vamp is a big unit!!). So here it still is just the front spear wielding command, but there is a variety of different weapons in behind him. I added the gnarled old tree onto the movement tray to add to the sort of silhouette of the unit which I think helped.
You may notice there is a couple of old grave guard in the mix as well as a trio of Dark Elf skeletons for good measure as my thought is 'why are skeletons always humans?'. Over the coming weeks I'll get some dwarfs in there also (would love to do Lizardmen. but finding the cursed company for a decent price is not going to happen).
Just an above-ish shot. I'm really glad how the models have come out and the sort of rag tag look they have. Like they've been dredged up from all different epochs of battles.

Any way that's the skeletons done. I'm currently painting up some of the dire wolves and finishing up some Varghiests which I will get up asap.

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    1. Too easy thank you mate. Just submitted it through to google now! :)