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Thursday, 22 May 2014


That pretty much sums it up.

So I'll back track a bit. Was informed the other day of a tournament coming up in a place called Geelong, where both myself and friends have attended the last 2 years to play a 40k tournament. It's great as it's a little bit away from home (2 hour drive) so it sort of forces a boys weekend on us which is fantastic.

The only difference is this is a different event and for Fantasy, which is awesome! But the possibility of the group gathering 2000pts each in 3months in slim at best.

We had organised for a small 'in-house' tournament for all of us halfway through July at 1200pts, which should of been easily attainable.

Now I doubt I'll have any issues mustering the models (as the 1200pts is almost complete) but my friends, well that's another issue entirely.

Understandably they don't have the same (sickening) zeal for modelling that I do and on occasion either dribs and drabs it, or just procrastinate on 'painting' days.

But alas there is hope, a couple of guys on the WAU forums have offered up armies, or parts of armies to loan to my friends if need be to get them over the line which is excellent. 

I must say coming into the fantasy side of Warhammer that the WHFB seem to be generally more helpful and far less rull of nerd-agnst and vitriol than the 40k forom goers which is just mind bogglingly awesome to behonld.

Anyway enough of my whining, here is what I was thinking of for a 2000pt list.

Vamp Lord w/
Heavy Armour
Ogre Blade
Talisman of Pres
Other Trickters Shard
Quick Blood
Lvl 3 (just for invos)

Cairn Wraith
Cairn Wraith
Necro w/
Book of Arkhan
Iron Curse Icon

5x Wolves
5x Wolves
5x Wolves
39 x Skeletons w/
FC, Banner of swiftness

20x Zombies w/
Muso, Standard

20x Zombies w/
Muso, Standard

3x Vargs
3x Vargs

4x Blood Knights
Muso, Standard
Flag of Blood Keep


Leaves me with 60pts spare, would love to try and get another necro in there somewhere, or I could drop the wraiths and get a quasi decent baby vamp...

Model painting/building would be:
2x Wraiths
5x Wolves
3 Skeletons
6 + say 40-50 zombies (for invo)
3 Varghiests
1 Varghulf

So pretty attainable I think, will just need to like convert/paint/finish 10 zombies a fortnight or so as well as the other modelling just to have enough spawnees..

Until next time, Fuck you San Diego.

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