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Monday, 12 May 2014

List of the Dead..

So after a bumper weekend of painting I have a fair amount of my models painted.

I'll quickly jot down my current list with either a (U) Under-coated, (P) Painted or (B) Based and completely done, next to each.

Master Necro w/ (U)
Master of the Dead
Lvl 4 Vamps

Necromancer w/ (U)
Ironcurse Icon
Lvl 1 Vamps

Vampire w/ (U)
Heavy Armour
Flying horror
Book of Arkhan
Enchanted Shield
Sword of Striking
Lvl 1 Shadow

5x Direwolves (U)
5x Direwolves(U)
21 x Skeletons w/ (B)
Full Command
Banner of swiftness

20 Zombies w/ (P)
Muso, Standard

3x Vargheists (U)

4x Blood Knights w/ (U)
SB and Flag of Blood Keep

So I'm quite chuffed that I've got my army built and under coated. Most of the models in the army have been touched by greenstuff and the knife, I will quickly pop down what's been done with some pics in the next post.

Have a good one

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