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Friday, 9 May 2014

Lighting the Darkness

Hey All.

Little hobby update.

So I've started trying out colour schemes for my Blood Knights that I want to get a pic up for, (and I shall), but I got a delivery in the mail last night, a Foldio.

 For those that don't know, they are essentially a little light box, that can fold up. They have one or tow LED strips that run off of a 9v battery. I saw one on another blog recently and opted to buy one, so here are a few quick pics to show the results.

So I'm quite pleased with how the single lighting bar works (only had the one 9v battery).

Here are a few more pics.

So yes this is the test model of one of my blood knights. He still needs to be based, have his shield attached and some blood here and there (how can one have a Blood Knight without it).

With all my Blood Knights I've opted to have a little bit of fluff behind each one, this fella's name is Froske Drapsmann. He was a Marauder that was turned after my Vampire Lord saw him do some awesome shit to a Slann while the Lord was down in Lustria fighting as a mercenary. 

So being a nord I needed to add a few bits to show his heritage. As you can see I opted for reddish hair (may blonde it up a little more on second thoughts). He also has a marauder head, with added bat wings for you know, vampire-ness. He has a pair of throwing axes strapped behind him (can see in the below pic). 

Then on either side of him, he has the Marauder axe and the rope with hooks from the Marauder sprue (all the better to catch people with my dear), and finally just an old Shield with a severed head to show his more, barbaric nature.

So thats the first blood knight almost finished. Once he is done I'll bury my head into finishing off some zombies, skeletons and dire wolves, as I need to get my core sorted...

Until next time...

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