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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Vargheist...the most ghostly of the Vars...

So Vargheists. 

I think the models are great, except for the 'Bart-mill' sculpt.
Going to punch the air like this...

So naturally I had to convert up the little cherubs as I'm all for the Simpsons and their excellent references, but I'm more than happy to keep them out of my grim-dark fantasy setting.

Thusly I give you the Cursed Brood of Petard (Part of fluff, will eventually be inbound).
Bases are yet to be done.

I went for a really pallid vampiric skin tone on them. The dark wing membranes was a fortunate accident of the various undercoating stages that I liked and kept. I opted for their random hair tufts to have some red to them to tie them into the Blood Dragons' armour as well as the other parts of the army. 

I also added the nice bloody red (The awesome Tamiya Clear Red + Black was trick) around their mouths and 'hands' as when these guys hit in combat I'd imagine they they would just smash in there, rip shit apart, chow down a bit then move to the next unlucky target.

Also tried to add a little bit of intelligence to their poses as although they are frenzied, they're still vampires and should have a base level of cunning instinct still in them.

Also, although it may not be easy to glean from these pics, but I've converted each of their mouths to a little similar to their picture in the army book. I managed to get some cheap plastic chaos hounds and transplanted the teeth across the the Varg's heads. After some greenstuff TLC they came out looking pretty viscous and crazed. 

Until next time...


  1. Nice stance on the varghiest! Did u have to green stuf under the arms? Keep up the good work and blogging!

  2. Thanks man!

    Yeah there was a little bit of green stuffing and pinning on most of their arms. For the leaping guy though most of the biceps and shoulder had to be built up to get the right pose.

    Thanks for reading mate.

  3. Very nicely painted and converted models! I cant wait to see more.
    As a side note I have nominated you for an Liebster award. It helps promote wargaming and modeling blogs: http://thediceodyssey.blogspot.co.nz/2014/05/the-liebster-awards.html

  4. Thanks Brother, just need to build another 3 :/.
    Ooh the Liebster, I've heard about that! Will look into it more. Thanks for being a huge support to a new blogger mate!