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Monday, 8 September 2014

Apologies with pics

Hello again all.

I've been slack I know. Was just a little Warhammered out over the last week (started building a Cerastus Knight titan to cleanse the palate).

Anyway didn't fair amazingly at Rumble in the Bronx (the tournament) but was chuffed by the fact that the 2 guys I got beaten got Best General and 2nd Overall, so I can deal with that. Finished 30th out of 70 odd so doable.

One (of many) upshot(s) was I managed to snag players choice for the tournament so was pretty chuffed with that, scored a sweet trophy and an Empire Griffon (hello Terrorghiest, excellent idea from a mate of mine on the trip home).

Anyway finished pictures of the army, that I can do now. Took a few cheeky pics last night as I was debagging/boxing them for the display cabinet/storage.

Anyway, first up is Lord Balaur in with the skellingtons..