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Monday, 8 September 2014

Apologies with pics

Hello again all.

I've been slack I know. Was just a little Warhammered out over the last week (started building a Cerastus Knight titan to cleanse the palate).

Anyway didn't fair amazingly at Rumble in the Bronx (the tournament) but was chuffed by the fact that the 2 guys I got beaten got Best General and 2nd Overall, so I can deal with that. Finished 30th out of 70 odd so doable.

One (of many) upshot(s) was I managed to snag players choice for the tournament so was pretty chuffed with that, scored a sweet trophy and an Empire Griffon (hello Terrorghiest, excellent idea from a mate of mine on the trip home).

Anyway finished pictures of the army, that I can do now. Took a few cheeky pics last night as I was debagging/boxing them for the display cabinet/storage.

Anyway, first up is Lord Balaur in with the skellingtons..

Was really glad with how the skeles came out over all, managed to mix some cursed company in there as well as some conversions. I also love just how big of a unit the Vamp Lord is compared to the others.

Here is an 'aerial' shot to sort of show off the rest of the unit, tis a little blurry so apologies.

As you can see I went the cheeky route of chucking some trees/fences on the movement tray to spice it up a little.

Next up is the Blood Knights, in their completed glory.

I realise there is a little bit of paint missing off the banners rod so apologies there.

I'm quite happy with how these guys came out at the end, while sure they are each individual, they (I think) still have a nice cohesiveness to them as a whole.

Really just to show off the banner and I like the side profile of them all coming together, just a little uneven to add a little bit of realism to them.

Won't go into too much detail on the dogs, they came out looking quite cohesive and menacing and they died well at the tournament :P.

Will get another post up tomorrow with the rest of the army.

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