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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Punching along...

Hey all!

Just 2 days away from the tournament and I'm so close to finishing the army it hurts..

Just need to finish 2 necromancers (they have base colours blocked on) and 3 banners. I've also whipped up a display board over the last couple of nights.

Also finally finished Balaur as in, as you can see above, he now has his shield attached and is for all intents and purposes finished!! (apologies for the quality of the pic)

Next up I have my first attempt at a fee hand banner. This one will be in the Skeleton command, I thought it fitting for the unit Balaur is in to have a decent banner.

Quite happy with how it came out. Little bit rough on the writing but I shall learn. Obviously the non 'banner' bits still need to be finished.

Next up is the display board that I whipped up in a few hours, it started life as a photo frame and I got it to this in a few hours on Tuesday night.

Managed to not have any down time with it due to using my air brush for all of that, thus not disturbing freshly glued sand and foam..

And now what it looks like after grass and trees have been added.

The army just fits on there in its certain spots.

I must say I'm quite impressed with how it came out given the short amount of time that was put into it.

Anyway will keep you updated as the army should be squared away tonight (hopefully)...


  1. The freehand banner looks good, and your display board is really nice. Maybe one day I will make one of those. Probably not, though. :P

  2. Thanks mate!

    The display board was easy as buggery (and thats pretty easy round these parts...) was just a picture that I liked the frame of, cut some foam, glued it on, anded it all, airbrushed browns and greys on and then static grassed. Literally like 2-3 hours work :).