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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


So being a blog predominantly about old mate vamps and their undeath, the heralding of the approaching 'Legions of Undeath' aswell as the Undeath magic lore are a bit of a worry I must say..

From the small amounts of info gleaned it looks like law of undeath allows people to summon undead units, which is fine and cool. The only issue is though, that apparently any race has access to it. So sort of kills some of the uniqueness to VC which is a shame (if true).

They're also releasing Mortarchs or something to that effect, which Consist of, Arkhan the Black, Neferata The vampire queen (not to be confused with Marceline), and old mate Manfred.

Seems also that Nagash has sat the vamps and tomb kings down, slapped them around a little and said play nice, so now they're one big undead happy family.

This has some positives and negatives.

I'd love to have some skeleton archers and a catapult in my army.

Negatives if if GW goes and combines them either into thier own Armybook (I doubt) we'll loose a shit tonne of flavour.

If GW opts to add them into a 'Undead Legions' armybook, I have a feeling it will out class both armies at their own game, which is a bit of a worry.

Anyway I shall link you to a blog with many pictures...

Nagash and Undead Legion pics.

I must say Nagash is cool and all, but similar to both 40k and fantasy of 'need more skulls for grimdark' they've just went 'needs more skeletal bits cos undead..' which is a bit naff in my opinion but hey, he looks better than the old model I suppose......

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