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Friday, 8 August 2014

Progress!!.... The Lord walks!

So all loyal readers....

As promised finally some pictures of the Blood Dragons that are within my army.

As a whole they still need complete finishing (basing, blood, shields and lances)but they are pretty much done and I'm pretty wrapped with them.

First I'll throw up the head honcho, Lord Balaur himself.

So there is the big guy himself. I think I managed to get a nice fluid pose for him that he is like really leaning into a swing. I find that the chaos axe has a nice simplistic feral charm to it and will represent and Ogre Blade well. 

This is pretty much what the enemy will see of him, except I'll be adding a large tower shield (one from the Khorne exalted champ sans the khorne symbols) with a dragon crest on him.

Bit Blurry sorry, his is just showing off that he has a sword out the back, as all good knights should have.

Anyway I'm really happy with how he came out. I thought I'd do him different colours than all the other Blood Knights to make him stand out a bit while still retaining his red dragon-ish areas.

I'll show off the demi-ghulf now and get another post up soon for all the blood knights.

So this is the demi-ghulf (he eyes still need to be done, as well as the severed head and bloodening..).

I'm really happy with how he ended up looking and he looks right at home next to the blood knights.

A lot of people don't like the demi models but I must say that I reckon they are grouse (Aussie for great)!

Another pic from the other side, really just showing off the two coloured plume which I'm quite happy with how it came out.

Also as to that suspect looking liquid in the folds of his cloke, fear not I didn't get too excited, it's just some matt varnish drying.

Thanks for reading, I'll get each of the blood knights up in no time!


  1. Well done, thats a decently done general and will make for a great figure head.

  2. Thanks mate. Thought he came out looking pretty decent :)

  3. Coming along well. I do like the pose of the general.

  4. Thanks guys!. Just got the rest of the Blood Knights up today. Hope you enjoyed them ).