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Monday, 11 August 2014

Bloody Blood Knights..

So finally have the Blood Knights at say, 95% finished (need shields, weapons, blood and basing).

While I must say it is these models that made me go VC and I would rate them as my favourite models produced by GW and I reckon would be the best looking Cav models available. 

While there are so many good things, there are down sides. 
1. I have the metal ones so they are heavy as sin
2.Lances where too large and shonky looking
3. The disparity of the heads, some look really good (The ones you get 1 per pack) some look a bit lack lustre (the non winged ones, that you get a couple per pack).
4.Horse diversity, there is 5 models in the pack and 2 horses look almost like exact doubles.

Anway aside from those issues I love the models.

Also with my Blood Knights I opted to give them each a little back story to help fill in on their conversions.

First up we have this fellow.
This is Temur Unegen, a Kislevite hunter/tracker that gave a good account of himself when attempting to kill Balaur in the Kislevite region.

I've added a few things to his back as you can clearly see. We have a crossbow with bolts, a large sword, a wolf pelt and skull (there is also a bone horn under the sword so he can double as a muso).

Next up is old mate Istruito Borsista.
This guy is a Tilean Scribe that Balaur turned while acting as a mercenary in those areas under Harkon down in the Border Princes, Estalian and Araby-ian areas of the old world.

As you can see he is covered in parchment, his horses barding is filthy with writing. I figure he has like an unhealthy quest for both knowledge and records. He'll also be the Standard Bearer (which I'm currently free handing :/).

Now we have Ehre RĂ¼stung, a minor Empire noble.

He was turned by Balaur after he died in an honour duel about the ownership of Gewundenschloss (Balaur's small barony near Nuln). I tried painting his horse as a 'speckled grey' but turned out a bit too mottled so I need to hit him with a few coats of black and brown wash to tone it back a little. I opted to give him silver armour to fit the empire theme a little better, coupled with the feathers everywhere. On his back (Didn't get a back photo sorry) is a broadsword and an empire shield.

The delightful fellow below is Froske Drapsmann.

I put more detailed pictures of him up earlier on the blog, he is a turned Chaos Marauder that Balaur 'saved' after he was felled in Lustria fighting Lizardmen.

Last but not least and probably had the majority of green stuff work is the Faceless one, an ashamed Bretonnian Knight...Yes that does sound generic as hell as I haven't had a chance to fluff him up yet.

Anyway, the pictures :).

I attempted for him to have the sort of 'main' Bretonnian themes about him. The wardress on the horse, the stowed lance and the over the top helmet, each of which came up pretty well, so overall I think this guy is probably my favourite as he is quite simple, yet the effect comes across well.

That is pretty much it for the blood knights at this point, aside from the above mentioned finishing touches, they are done.

Will get pics up soon of the extra 5 Varghiests I've been workign on. Put extensive conversion work into 2 of them to act as Varghoyles when I take them, and in all honesty I think for the future I'll convert all my Vargs to look like these 2 as they have a real sort of intelligent look about them.

Talk soon...

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