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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Meet the crew....

So a quick introduction to the group that I will be duking it out in the old world with.

Cles: my current housemate. Back (or forward?) in 40k he ran a few armies, including orks, lots of them, Imperial guard and good old Dark angels. He has opted (after a brief stint with Beastmen) to take control of the cold-blooded Lizardmen from Lustria. So far seems to be learning pretty well and loves using the Bastilidon, that now within the group is referred to as the Broke-stilidon.

Griggling . After possible thoughts of going Bretonnia, he opted for the Dwarfs (godamnit GW) after getting wind that a new Army Book would be inbound. Evidently he was comfortable to continue to use the same tactics as his 40k’s Tau gun line ;). Has a very shooty army, which generally involves you getting shot at, a lot, for a few turns until you hit his rock hard Dwarven warriors, or quarrelers.

Mitchelton: my old housemate. Mitch was into Fantasy way back when and loved his wood elves, which, sticking to his guns has served him well with the current excellent release that has just happened. He has yet to have a battle, but given the awesome sauce stuff that is in the new Wood Elves Army Book, he should be ready to start 'breaking necks and cashing cheques'.

Stu-art: Oh Stu-art. This fella back in the days o 40k, loved his Tyranids to bits and stuck with them through thick and thin. But before we all opted to move to fantasy Stuart fell in love with the wood elves range and really pushed for a mordheim campaign so he could use some of his models. About a month ago though he opted to drop the Woodies and go for…… Warriors of Chaos. Yup that same top tier army with essentially Space Marines in fantasy core troops…it was for the look though *ahem*… So Stuart has had a couple of battles and is still getting the hang of the whole movement and deployment deal.

J-WOW: who has opted for High Elves. One awesome thing that he is doing is basing all his models off of the WoW Blood Elves. So far he has painted up his Archmage, based on a Fateweaver dude, it looks absolutely fantastic and even has the little green balls floating around his head. Factor in all the casting of custom bits and pieces he is doing, there is a lot of working going into his army already. Should also be mentioned that J-WOW is a mean arse terrain builder and has supplied our group with a metric crap tonne of terrain.

Gilty: is a recent edition to the group through another friend. Gilty has opted to go with an army that he had started many moons ago. He is also running some Lizardmen from Lustria and apparently has a couple of thousand points of models at his disposal, so Cles better watch out.

As far as I’m aware that covers the main players of the group. We also have the Love Mechanic who has a few thousand points of WoC but refuses to play, have no idea if this is fear of our collective awesomeness, or just gentlemanly behaviour. Then thre is the last two people (Noop and Josh) who are on the precipice of falling into the hobby hole that is Warhammer, so give it time and we’ll have a cheeky 10 people in on the Fantasy action.

Next update I promise I’ll get some pics of where I’m up to, up…

Thanks for reading. 

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