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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

B...B...Blood Coach?

Hey all,

Back from my holiday on the Carnival Spirit. I must say it being my first cruise it was quite awesome and the ship was mind bogginingly huge! Food was amazing and it would seem all of my clothes are now just a little tighter ;).

Anyway, didn't get much hobby done while on the boat (shock horror) but some ideas did pop to the fore in my decrepit mind...

As I was going thinking about and poring over the VC army book on my tablet I stopped at the Black Coach page, it was vampiric *Check* rules weren't horrid *check* buuut it wasn't very themed to the heavily militarised blood dragon theme *no check*, but then, late one night while the boat was rocking, an idea bashed its way into my head.

Blood Dragon Chariot!

Now luckily a few weeks ago I had ordered some resin Blood Knights for a good price ;), so that was the starting basis, next was to find a suitable chariot, after having a look through the GW website I opted for the Chaos Chariot, as I once all the 8-pointed stars are cleaned off, it has a very similar armour design to the blood knights.

Anyway managed to get some hobbying done yesterday (no pics), but so far I've removed the legs off of 2 nightmares (the ones with matching head gear) and have started building up (using sheared off legs and assorted other Blood Knight rider parts) the Blood Knight rider. I've also started cleaning up the chaos chariot and it is all proceeding rather nicely. I'll get pics up in the next couple of days to show my progress.

Anyway I know the rules don't perfectly match up (as there isn't any decent attacks from the rider) But I figure you could say that the impact hits are the Vampire going nuts when the chariot hits, the Cairn Wraiths attacks could either also be the vamp, or could be the Skele Steersman (which I'll need to build up).

Anway I shall keep you all updated.

Until then..

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