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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Battles, reality and unit fillers... Oh my..

Back again, it has been over a week since an update so muchacho apologies there.

Managed to have a game (arse whooping)  down at a local games club (Hampton Games Club) on Saturday which was fantastic to get some rules myself and the group have been playing incorrectly. Was also good to get a feel for what our upcoming tournament will be like. It also opened my eyes to how many mother-clucking zombies I'm going to need, thus the unit filler had got put on...

I purchased the above a while ago in thoughts of making it a unit filler, but had been lazily sauntering along until Saturday, that put my arse in gear.

So I managed to get his Bastiladon suspiciously cheap ;) and thought it would be excellent as a unit filler. The key was to:
A. have it representing a decent amount of zombies.
B. Not have to build a huge amount of zombies.
C. Make it look good and not just a slack job.

So what I give you is 15 worth of zombies...or as I like to call it, 45 points of soul crushing anguish.

Anyway some more pictures.

As you can see here there is 4 zombies on the base, we have a dude on the back trying to bash through the beasts armour, dude on the left spearing it in the neck and fella on the right giving its hamstring a good ole fashioned beating.

I also opted to set it up similar to the way I've seen a variety of vignettes done. The plasticard areas will be black to sort of say 'cut off of scene'. Also the more practicle application is that it wouldn't of been able to fit into a unit if the parts had been neatened up to fit within the bases borders.

I'll add some snapped spears, lodged axes and broken swords to the dying beast prior to painting it up.

Anyway I'll get some pics of my counts-as Varghulf and of the vamp lord that are being worked on.

Have a good one y'all!


  1. Thats one nice unit filler, well done

  2. Looks great - much better than just ranking up another 15 zombies...

  3. Thanks Fellas,
    Feel it adds a bit of flavour with the added benifit of easing back on custom zombies and removing them 1x1
    Any thoughts on other army specific 5x3 mini dioramas?