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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The 'Ghulf War

Howdy denizens of the night.

Just another quick hobby update while I have a spare 10 minutes.

Logic/story behind this. So if you've been reading the blog you should be well aware that I like both Blood Dragons fluff and having Vampiric units within my army. Now most of those selections are sitting in rare which make things a mite tight. Anyway, looking into them, I was tossing upbetween the Black Coach and the Varghulf (Blood Knights where a given).

While the fluff for the 'ghulf was cool, the rules were pretty good and a mite better than the Black Coach. Only issue was the look of the model and how it fitted in with my semi-regimented army. I already have the Varghiests so I wanted to keep any other Vampiric troops looking more militant and organised, thus:

Now orginally this was just going to be used as another blood knight with an interesting mount, but upon pondering what I could run as the varghulf, it hit me.

Rules handwavium is essentially the attacks are from the vamp, the thunderstomp from the 'gryph. Toughness and regen represents their robustness and lack of shield.

I wanted him to look different to the Blood Knights, but at the same time still be similar.
As you can see he is a pure Blood Knight model with some conversion work (Konrad's arms, Krells crest, Chaos Chariot cape). 

There is a little bit of barding from a black knight and the Demigryph will need some 'deadening' to match it up a little with the Nightmares (FYI the Nightmares are taller than the 'gryph, which is crazy).

Anyway quite happy with how he is coming along.

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