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Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Cursed Book.....of fluff

So you're all probably going to need to probably deal with some constant posts for the minute due to me punching through some modelling.

Although saying that there won't be any pictures in these posts as the Blood Dragon stuff is currently all getting painted (reds and silvers done) on all the appropriate models.

Anyway I thought I'd chuck up some parts of fluff that I've been slowly jotting down and sorting out for my army.

First up I'll just note I've tried to give all the vampiric units within my army a little bit of background, mainly names and what not to add some flavour to their conversiont, I'll quickly pop down a list of names.

'Barbarian' Viking based, Chaos Maruader, Froske drapsmann (Frog Killer, Norwegian) Horse: Kvikk (nimble)
'Huntsman' Mongol Based, Kislevite, Temur Unegen. (Iron Fox in Mongul) Horse: Yeke (Loyal)
'Librarian' Renaissance based, Tilean, Istruito Borsista (Learned Scholar, Italian) Horse: (dosen't care)
'Knight' German Based, Empire, Ehre RĂ¼stung (Honoured Armour, German) Horse: Pferd (Horse)
'Errant' French/English Based, Brettonian.. (recent additon so haven't sorted him out yet)

As you can see I've just found interesting sounding words in the different languages thier region is loosely based off and used it for their names.

Now Characters

Vamp Lord
Balaur De Calabret (Dragon Rider)

Baby Vamp
Locuitor Din Bezna (Denizen of the Dark)

I believe I used Romanian for both of these as Transylvania is a region of Romania so BOOM!

Any who after that quick bollocksing on I'll put up the first peace of fluff. I like to see this as sort of some pre-battle planning and bickering, so here goes:

“You, brother, are wrong.” Temur grumbled from one side of the table.

“Oh I have many a tome that begs to differ Temur, you see here” Istruito placed a dusty tome on the weather beaten table and points to a sentence on the page “it reads ‘The cold blooded ones are known for their great resilience, but can be somewhat slow at times.” Ergo, while our skeletons will obviously be severely out matched, we could easily send that beastly creature…”

“It’s name is Jacques..” Balaur looked up from his goblet, staring up at Istruito.

“Yes my sire, Jacques, Ser Petard, the Beast of Paravon, it has many names it goes by, I’m sure another won’t hurt its feelings. But as I was saying, if we can somehow coax it, or explain to it that we need it to flank up the eastern side, around those copse of trees to be able to attack the rear of the battle…”

“What about the small ones, with the pipes? I imagine Petard would probably run into some of them guarding the enemies flank..” Balaur interrupted Istruito again.

“Well sire I imagine we could send in some of those wolves, Temur, how many of your hounds do we have at our disposal..” Istruito looked at Temur.

Thoughtfully Temur looked at his hands, then feet then hands again, finally stopping at his feet once more “I would count two score” he mouthed some words quietly then nodded again 
“Yes, two score, with a hand of Alphas”

“Stupendo!” Exclaimed Istruito, “We can send some of Temur’s hounds up into those trees to at least badger the enemy skirmishers, thusly the Beast of…I mean, Jacques, will have an easier time reaching the enemies rear…..”

“Ha!” Froske bellowed at Istrutio, turning his dead face livid with anger “We do not need to flank like women, we attack, head on, I will lead the Van!” He said reaching for his axe.

“I don’t see that as a wise choice Frog-Killer, as…” Istruito began saying..

“Now now Istruito, I believe Frog-Killer may have a point, a frontal charge is always a good option, and I would most definitely love to best their thick-headed commander in combat!” Ehre RĂ¼stung stood, grabbing his feathered helm off of the table.

“No, no, no, this won’t do, we need to…” Istruito began again.

“My sire, your opinion?” Ehre interrupted, raising an eyebrow at Balaur..

Balaur looked up at Ehre, looked at each of his sons of blood in turn, stopping on Istruito, his mouth turning into a feral grin, he said 

“I believe a glorious frontal charge will teach these cold-bloods their place, summon the necromancers, tell them we march!!”

Hope you enjoyed it, tomorrow I shall pop up a fluffily written battle report.


  1. Nice, good prelude fluff. The battle rep should be good

  2. Thanks mate. Yeah will just give it a run through later on tonight to make sure it's up to scratch :).