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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Pictures, finally, as promised!...

Ok last night I managed to get all Blood Dragon Models (4 Blood Knights, 1 Demi-ghulf, 1 unit filler vamp, 1 vamp lord) at least undercoated and first couple of layers for armour sorted.

I also managed to get a few pictures of the almost finished (basing needs to be done) unit filler containing the Bastilidon as well as a pic one (of 3) of my Hawkins Dire Wolves.

So first I give you the wolves.

Most of them are based on the Old WoC (or just Chaos when it came out) with head swaps and tail additions. As bad as it is, after spending ages sawing through some of their necks so I could head swap...like it was taking ages...I saw my pair of bolt cutters staring at me longingly...and hey you know what, took not even a second to decapitate a wolf haha.

One of my favourites, It's a combination of a Fenrisian Wolf body, Spare Chaos hound head and a Dire Wolf's Leg and tail, I think it relaly blends well, having the excellently detailed head, with the dynamic Fenny wolf body coupled with the very dead dire wolf parts. Also just FYI, I loathe the new dire wolves, they're just so bloody wide and overly dead, like the skulls hanging off them, their oddly large heads and very few teeth...

So now onto the zombie unit filler, as per most photos I've spotted a few things that need fixing and the base isn't quite properly finished yet, just like the wolves.

I hear some of you screaming already about the lack of zombies on a 15 zombie base, but boy can I tell you I'm jack of converting each zombie due to the horrid-ness of the GW zombies and the fact I'm not a huge fan of the Mantic ones.

Also as a fun note, I try to incorporate my friends armies into my zombies. So as we can see in the bottom right there is an Empire (Nordland I think?) zombie who is in the same scheme as my mates empire army. 

I tried to get sort of a dark arterial spray around the wound from this neck-spear zombie. When the base is done I'll have some blood pooling around the bottom.

Here we can see the Empire zombie hamstringing the poor beast, as well as the zombie on top trying to bludgeon his way through the thick armour with a rock... oh those silly zombies.

Any ways, hope you've liked what I've put up and the pictures will probably start flowing as I get more and more done for the inbound tournament.

Peace out y'all..


  1. Well done, nice modeling and painting

  2. I agree with Rex - also good concept in using mates' paint schemes - all the more fun to play against! ;)

  3. I also enjoy that the model is telling a story. Very nicely done!