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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dying over here.... Inspiration and Deadlines..(geddit)

Yes indeed I've been beyond slack with this blog recently, but I must say I've been working quite industriously to get my army made for the tournament on the 30th and 31st of August.

Dead lines are as follows, I use the dates of Fridays as the end of said week, allowing the weekend as sort of a grace period for the last week or next if needed.

To Paint
Complete 15 wolves (DONE!!)
5 Zombies + 15x Zombie Base(DONE!!)
1st Aug
5 Blood Knights (4 Blood Knights and the Vargryph)
5 Zombies + 15x Zombie Base (just need to finish the 15x Base)
5 Varghiests (3 made and undercoated)
3 Characters

So I'm currently trotting a long a decent pace and as long as the Varghiests I ordered arrive in the next week or so I should be going pretty good *touch coffin*.

Also I thought I'd share with you guys my single most favourite picture depicting vampire counts fighting. It's from the 8th edition Rulebook and dear god it should be plastered everywhere.

Words fail me...

This picture above I think perfect sums up the different parts of how the vampire counts army would fight.
We have the skeletons on the left, all in an almost perfect rank formation, getting stabbed and shot and not giving two shits.

Behind them you can see the shambling horde of the freshly dead, looking almost numberless as they stretch into the horizon.

Next to them you have a Varghulf, being used as a shock and awe weapon, which is just laying into the poor empire scrubs like its going out of fashion. 

Behind this main part you have the clouds of bats billowing around and a vampire lord directing the battle from dragon back.

But by far my favourite part of my favourite picture is, yup, you guessed it, the Blood Knights. 

The picture I find perfectly encapsulates how they work and how they'd act. The way their armour is depicted as baroque and spiky as all hell with dragon wing motifs everywhere. Also the way you can see them just laying in with their knightly swords, just hewing into the poor rank and file. Just brilliant!

So do any of you readers (if there are any out there ;) ), have any inspiration pieces for your armies, things that either keep the ball rolling, or that get you back into it if you're feeling a little burnt out?

Will get some pics up soon!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Deadlines, things that are set in a better time but are discarded when reality sets in. Don't worry, it happens to us all.

    Good to hear your army is getting along well

  2. Thanks mate!

    Yeah I won't beat myself up too much over them, but I find it a good incentive also :).

    I'll get some pics up in the next few days!

  3. I like your treatise on the "artwork" .. is it a poster ?

  4. Just a random picture in the Vampire Counts part of the core rulebook.