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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Small update...

So a small update for you all. As above you can see a vampire (Balaur infact) chilling on top of a Forgeworld Magma Dragon.

After exhaustive researching and net- trawling it was the only dragon that was happy mounting the camp on. I'm not sure how much I'm going to dead-er-ise the thing, as: 
1. it is a beautiful model, I'd say now my favourite Forgeworld non-vehicle model! 
2. To keep it in theme with the undead-i-gryph and the nightmares, both of which aren't like falling a part.

Anyway, have done some more work on him tonight, will get some more pics up as progress is being made.



  1. I got to see the magma dragon in person once. I believe my exact words were...

    "HOLY !)@$&!&(!@$ What is THAT?????"

    It is a super epic amazingly gigantic model. The fellow was using it as a heldrake counts as :).

  2. Understandable. The pics on the FW site don't do it justice, on FW it looks sort of squat and fat, but in person it is just as awesome (better) than any other decently sized dragon I could find!!

    1. I agree! I found a shot of his army if you wanted to check it out!

  3. Nice looking army, but I believe that is the toad dragon good sir! :)

    1. Well now I am even more excited for yours. More photos!!!