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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Another quick bit...

Just got a few more bits being done currently.

I apologise for the blurryness as I took a quick pic for y'all this morning..

As you can see above, I've continued work on the 'saddle', just fleshing out the shape etc, by the end of it I intend to have a sort of seat back for him (ideally tall and gothic) with a pair of dual pennants fluttering also

Just a side shot, his hand will be holding the chains-reins for the dragon, and is (ideally) meant to look like he is pulling him back in a 'woaah boy!' sort of thing.

Here is to show the beginnings of an armour plate on the chest of the dragon which will be the mirror part to the saddle, so it will be part of the harness, I feel I will use a fine chain to hold the vamp on, as I can imagine he wouldn't care about any of the damage it would inflict on his mount.

Will keep a running log of everything for you..



  1. What a cool model. How heavy is this guy?

  2. Not soul crushingly so mate. I'd rate him about as heavy as maybe, a unit of 40 skeletons with about 10 metal models in there..