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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

List and progress....

Hey All,

Still moving on with the Vampragon (pics in but a moment), but I've also been working on an Undead Legions list, that hopefully is still fluffy but game-able at the same time, I shall pop it hither for you:

Vamp Lord w/
Red Fury
Quick Blood
Tal of Pres
Heavy Armour
Lvl 1 Vamps Maybe Death
Zombie Dragon

Master Necro w/
Lvl 4 Vamps
Black Periapt

30 Crypt Ghouls w/

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

20 Zombies w/

20 Skeleton Archers w/
Full Command;

3 Varghiests

4 Varghiests

5 Bloodknights w/
Standard, Flaming Banner


Screaming Skull catapult

So I feel we kind of have the best of all worlds here, fluffy, model variety and some fun!!

We have the Vamp on dragon which, with the Nightshroud (ASL, no weapon S modifiers in base contact), Swarm of Flies (-1 to hit in CC) and Beguile (One model in B2B takes a -3 LD test and if fails must re-roll successful to hit rolls). So the vamp is not as protracedly killy as a normal foot blender, but this should enable him to take on some blobs of dudes...and..well dragon!!

Level 4 Necro with Periapt is there to do things that Necros do, and that is keeping the army rolling.

Now I opted for 30 Crypt Ghouls here so that my core may actually be able to do something for a change which would be good, model wise, these will be empire state troops modeled with dual hand weapons and all looking a little crazy, but not anywhere near as disheveled as normal ghouls!!

Wolves are chaff, zombies are a bunker and Skele archers are there as I've always wanted skele archers haha...

The varghiest will run around warmachine hunting etc.

Varghulf and Knights will joining the Vamp Lord in fights to support him against larger blocks, and in the Blood Knights case, soak challenges..
Screaming skull catapult will be modelled as a trebuchet, as c'mon...catapult!!

Anyway, after that wall of text, some progress shots..

So here you can see I've started adding clutter around the saddle (the bag) as to make it look a bit lived on if you will, like the army is mid campaign somewhere... You can also see I've added the harness chains, not sure if I'm 100% on the shoulder pads for the chain links, or maybe I'll use the nobbly shields that come on the Skele sprues.

Here we have the other side, you can see some greenstuff work where the chains are to show them digging in to the dragons skin.

I also opted to use the Empire lord lance as it is quite large and awesome while still remaining quite utilitarian.

Anyway tonight will probably either be seeing Interstaller with the Mrs (woohoo!!) or figuring out how I'll attach the chain stirrups to the dragons face... Thoughts would be excellent..

Any way,

Peace out y'all..

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  1. how bout some inverted crosses bolted into the side of the dragons head? (upside down cross). That would go along with the theme...but I don't know too much about fantasy...but I do know about vamps!

    Thanks for the progress shots! Lot of detail going into this project, which is going to pay massive dividends!